Antimicrobial glass-fibre wallpaper is designed to prevent the entry of moulds and bacteria into the indoor air. By treating the fibres of the glass-fibre wallpaper with metallic salts during manufacture, we have achieved a coating that prevents most bacteria from growing on the wallpaper. The product is non-combustible and can be repainted. The wallpaper is also mechanically resistant and suited to use in wet areas.

Ideal for hygienic facilities

Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, TetraStop glass-fibre wallpaper is ideal for hygienic facilities, such as hospitals. On the surface of the glass-fibre wallpaper, microbes become passive and are unable to grow and cause problems. Similarly, mould spores in structures are unable to pass through antimicrobial glass-fibre wallpaper. These properties make TetraStop an excellent choice for renovations, especially hospital renovations and mould remediation in public buildings. TetraStop is a thoroughly tested product system that includes antimicrobial glass-fibre wallpapers, paints and adhesives.

Good wear resistance and healthier indoor air

Durable TetraStop glass-fibre wallpaper is suitable for all interior spaces. A wall covered with dent-resistant and wear-resistant glass-fibre wallpaper often does not need any repairs other than repainting. In addition to hospitals, TetraStop glass-fibre wallpaper can be used in schools, day-care centres, laboratories and regular homes.

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