These are our instructions how to operate during the corona virus hazard. They are based on social responsibility and recommendations from the authorities. 

1. Practical arrangements in the plant and in logistics. 

  • Raised standard of hygiene has taken into action concerning plant and social facilities and production areas. This concerns all employees. We demand the same from our chain of logistics. In Finland our transportation is provided by domestic Kaukokiito Oy.
  • We do not make any personal visits to our customers at this moment and only most necessary visitors are allowed in our premises.
  • Working from home is recommended whenever possible.
  • Breaks during working hours are recommended to be taken in smaller groups, 2-4 persons at a time.
  • No-one is to come to work feeling ill. 

2. Production and sales

  • The plant is operating normally and the supply of raw materials has been secured earlier.
  • Lead times of orders stay normal in principal, being 2-5 days of the order.
  • Contacts to our global partners are being kept only digitally. No physical meetings are arranged at this moment.
  • Our sales personnel can be reached by phone or by e-mail as before. We do not make any personal visits until the situation has changed.
  • Our working hours remain standard from 8:00 – 16:00 on weekdays in Mäkirinteentie 17, 36220 Kangasala, tel. +358 20 785 1210.
  • We do not handle cash money in our shop. Credit- and debit cards are accepted or products can be charged whenever the customer has an account.
  • We are paying close attention on the demands and recommendations of Finnish health authorities. 44 775 7115 45 874 0440Southern and Western Finland 40 511 7430Eastern and Northern Finland 400 266 021Southern Ostrobothnia 500 623 953industry 400 634 516exports and logistics
Production: 400 142 162purchasing and logistics

Even though the situation is exceptional we want to encourage everybody to struggle through this difficult period.