The selection of Fintex and Tetrakem construction adhesives offers every adhesive you need for construction or renovation. The construction adhesives include options for bonding wallpaper, tiles and boards as well as wall and ceiling materials. The adhesive selection is supported by our adhesive primers and wallpaper pastes. With our selection of construction adhesives, your interior construction and renovation projects will succeed, regardless of whether the adhesive is used in a dry or wet area.

Special construction adhesives in addition to conventional options!

In addition to conventional construction adhesives, we have developed a product especially designed for bonding acoustic board, for example. Many of our adhesives are designed for use with other Fintex-Tetrakem products, but they are also suitable for bonding other surfaces and wallpapers. Our products represent modern adhesive technology and have been tested according to current requirements. The products have low emissions and are safe to use.

Explore our construction adhesives and ask for more information about our products if you have any questions!

Construction adhesives and adhesive primers

Tetrakem 1022 Acoustic board and fixing adhesive, M1

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Fintex 1021 Tile and board adhesive 

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