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Fintex Tetrakem | Perinteistä ja luotettavaa kemiaa


Fintex-Tetrakem Oy manufactures and supplies adhesives, glass fiber wallpapers, waterproofing products and sealing compounds for industry and retailers with more than 40 years of experience.

Fintex-Tetrakem Oy – Suitable solutions for all surfaces

Fintex-Tetrakem Oy is a Finnish company with over 40 years of experience that makes and supplies adhesives, glass-fibre wallpaper, water insulation products and sealing pastes for industry, industrial retailers and hardware and paint shops. Extensive experience and close cooperation with end users have enabled us to develop our products based on customers’ wishes, which shows in several of our special products – they are in a league of their own for their applications.

Although our products are used by industry in particular, we also manufacture products suited to consumer use.

Protecting the environment is a key part of our operations

Because we work with many substances that are harmful to the environment, we have made sure to take all possible measures to minimise the environmental load in all areas of our operations. In addition to our own activities, we advise our customers on the most ecological application and handling of the products and disposal of the packaging. We consider the environment in our product development and always strive to create products that are as environmentally-friendly as possible.


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